Art by Jenny Gini

Original Art

Artist's Statement

The only child of a single parent, I had a fairly solitary upbringing. Drawing became my main source of entertainment.  While my mother worked or ran errands I often filled my time alone with art and crafts of any kind.  In kindergarten I won my first art contest for a silhouetted yucca plant with a warm sunset.  The following year I won a city wide contest for a Christmas poster and had my picture taken with my poster, which appeared in the Las Vegas Review Journal.  At age 10, my mother enrolled me in private art lessons on Saturday mornings.  I remember hating getting up early and missing the best cartoons, but as soon as I began to paint Id forget all about everything else.   In high school I took every art class I could get into.  Though the skill and talent of some of my peers intimidated me at times, being in art class was my favorite part of the day.

I moved from my hometown of  Las Vegas, NV, to California as a young adult; first Santa Cruz, and later San Francisco where I graduated from SFSU with a bachelor's in Fine Art.  After 8 years as a California resident, I returned to my hometown, amazed with the beauty of the desert Id taken for granted in my youth, and began teaching art at the secondary level. Events moved me to the Seattle area in 2008, where I worked as an Elementary Art Teacher and eventually hiring manager for a private company, Smart with Art.  

I've been actively building a body of work and displaying my art in a variety of venues for over a decade. The multitude of environments that I've had the pleasure of living in play a role in my art making. My observations of landscapes as well as people has influenced all of my paintings. Showgirls and barren deserts with amazing sunsets, California beaches, surfers and babes in bikinis, and pacific northwest rain forests and umbrellas all dance in my memory bank as I sit down to paint. Just as author writes what he knows, the paintings I create all stem from my life, even when depicted as fantasy.